Friday, June 17, 2011


I am a morning person. I'm that annoying type that's really REALLY talkative and perky in the morning. When Rachel has to interact with me in the earlyness of the morning she often says to me "no more talkie-talk," which means "Heather, shut up, you're annoying." You'd think that with my morning-person thing that I'd be able to exercise in the morning.... oh how wrong was I!

I am doing a 24-hour babysitting gig for a family I used to nanny for and I figured that I should get my workout done this morning (8am) so that I can get everything else I need to do done before I head off for the day. I ssssuuuccckkkkeeedddd. I have always been an evening-ish (5pm) workout person, taking workout classes around the late afternoon when I got done with classes or going to the gym and either doing the treadmill or swimming. I always had early morning classes at school so I usually waited to go to the gym to do my workout. My attempt to do an a morning workout was {really} an exercise in futility. The run didn't happen, so I just walked at a brisk pace for 60 min at a slight incline. Whatever, I'm happy with that. I'll just have to get my last Stage 6 run in tomorrow... here's hoping that works!

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