Thursday, December 29, 2011

Love mornings off

I love having afternoon shifts because I get to wake up at a decent hour. Not obscenely early like I have to for morning shifts - we're talking 430 or 5am. Sick. On afternoon shift days I wake up around 730 or 8 naturally. It's amazing!

After waking up I cranked out a quick morning workout that I found on pinterest. And then devoured a protein-y breakfast for 290 calories and 2 giant water bottles.

And now I can get some ish done! Woo!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Uuh oh

Momentarily off line... No Internet at the new digs and blog blocked at work. Can update on phone but it's limited and somewhat archaic design. Word of the blog for the week- archaic.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Giant Salads

Tonight's dinner was AMAZING! So many delish flavors! From the spring greens to the cherry tomatoes!

Before dinner I needed a snack at work and stocked up on Luna Bars at the grocery store! Perfect yummy snack. I'm obsessed with the new chocolate coconut flavor! It was 190 calories and a giant bottle of water!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

OH happy day

Today I woke up to a Star Wars birthday card haha pretty freakin awesome. Good call LexiLu!

We spent the day unloading the last of her belongings; including couches and kitchen table with chairs!!

We're all moved in!!!

Now watching one of my all time favorite movies- Count of Monte Cristo in my sweatpants after having eaten delish pizza for dinner!!

Excellent birthday!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Avoidant Behavior

In college I studied Communication and Conflict and I learned that being avoidant of situations isn't an appropriate way of handling things. Well, I have a case where it's not only appropriate but prudent, too.

Avoiding stepping on the bathroom scale when you know it's not going to be good. NO I will NOT look!!! Aaahhhhhh

Hold Please

Hey friends!!

So I'm all settled in my new apartment And I LOVE it!!! We don't have couches or kitchen table + chairs, yet... But we will! LexiLu has couches, so we're waiting on those. As for the kitchen table- I'm simply in denial about needing to purchase one.

I'll have to use my archaic iPhone app to update blogs for a bit. We don't have Internet, yet, either. Again- we will!! So I'm using my phone but I'm planning on stopping by Starbucks later for a delish skinny peppermint mocha and stealing their wi-fi! I need to update things and catch up on some shows !!

Tomorrow is my birthday!? What the...!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Move-In ALMOST Complete

Today our mattresses arrived!!!! I was a little too excited about their arrival... I may have frightened the delivery guys.

I thought I'd post the pix of the finished furniture products!!!

My lovely handiwork!!!!

Jeff took on the beast of the dresser and it turned out GREAT!

The little nightstand - ya, I did that!!! mmmhmmm!

The world's most AMAZING mattress!!!!!!! I didn't want to leave it!!!!
I will be back to permanently reside in the apartment tomorrow!!!

Today, I have to go to work for a late shift, and the uber early shift tomorrow! THEN it's off to the new apartment to get settled in and enjoy 2 days off for my birthday!!!


I'm posting this from my phone so forgive its potentially archaic design....

Today, I took the largest chunk of my belongings to the new apartment where Jeffrey met up with me.

Hims is the bestest best friend and he built my giant Ikea dresser. As LexiLu stated "a friend who will build you Ikea furniture is a freaking SAINT!" too true LexiLu, too true.

While he built the beast of a dresser, I tackled the tv stand for the living room and my nightstand. Woo woo!! I made sure to set up the DVD player first so we could enjoy Home Alone, the original 1966 Grinch, and Chocolat while we got our handymannes on.

Great teamwork really really!!

Tomorrow, I'll head over to the Apt bright and early to meet up with some {hopefully attractive} delivery men who are bringing our new mattresses!!

Then we shall take on the final move in of shiz and organize everything!! We hope to be settled by my birthday ( the 22nd!!)


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holy Migraine!

I've been dealing with a major evil migraine the last couple days. So bad in fact that I had to call out from work, not a favorite thing to do.

I get ocular migraines now and then. Usually stress and sleep deprivation related.

Light sensitivity, low BS tolerance (well lower than usual), and extreme nausea.

To cure the migraine -

1 regular Coke (SO gross!)

and BIG ibuprofen (prescribed 800mg)

While I don't have a heinous migraine, I still have a pretty gnarly headache.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Private Cast Holiday Party

I had the amazing opportunity to attend a private cast member only party at Disneyland and I got to bring a friend! I brought the bestie, Jeffrey!
Ooohhh how I love Space Mountain!

I don't think it can get more beautiful than this!

Small World was DECKED OUT! So many lights all over the park!!!

I freaking KILLED it on Buzz Lightyear!!! Level 4! WHAT WHAT!!?

This is how the castle first looked, and then after a lighting ceremony, it turns into that top image. SO AMAZING!

I just love the Walt and Mickey statue, and I like the idea that Walt and Mickey are keeping an eye on the park!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I'm going to a party this coming weekend that a couple girls from work are throwing. The theme is a Peppermint Party! So all things white, red, black, and pink.

I volunteered to bring some treats, and I'm trying to decide which to make.

I'd like some opinions... I am thinking of making 2 or 3.

Peppermint Bark is really simple and always a hit

How cute are these!?!? Peppermint Drop Mini Brownies

Peppermint Cheesecake - probably not simple but probably worth it

White Chocolate covered Peppermint Oreos - simple and cute

Peppermint Chocolate Roll

I'm leaning toward Peppermint Bark, Peppermint Drop Brownies and White Chocolate Peppermint Oreos. Thoughts???

I will post recipes and pix when I make them!

Avoidance is KEY

I have SO much that I need to do...

1. Move from current apt to new apt
2. Send package, check, and thank-you letter
3. Purchase Ikea furniture
4. BUILD furniture
5. Costco trip
6. Grocery store
7. Purchase air mattress (until my new mattress arrives)
8. MOVE apartments!!!!

I know it doesn't seem like much but the moving thing is REALLY obnoxious and being between apartments is annoying.

Lots to do, and yet, I sit here... in my PJs watching Law & Order: SVU.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

30 Day Challenge- OVER IT

Ok, the purpose of the 30 Day Challenge was to get me back into the rhythm of blogging... and I think it's served it's purpose.

Oh and I hate the rest of the challenges. It's getting to relationship-ish, dating like, and loving stuff. Those who know me well, know those aren't good subjects to discuss. For those that don't know me well... don't bother asking! As you can see, there's nothing to divulge.

Moving SUCKS! When you're going from one state to another, it's almost easier! When it's from one apartment to another... all of a sudden it becomes a little by little move. Oh and this whole buying furniture thing. AAAHHH!!!

What I want for my birthday - I would like for all of my stuff, including mattress that isn't due to arrive for a few weeks, and furniture that has yet to be purchased to magically appear in my apartment. Now. I don't setting it up and organizing it from there. I just don't want to move it.

This is a birthday wish I send out to the Cosmos. Grant my wish Universe! Make me a happy 24 year old.

24... wow. Bed time. Yes, its not even 7:30pm.
Heather Whipple. 23 going on 90. Bring it.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Birthday & Christmas Wishlist

I've been MIA the last couple days. My bad. It's what happens when I have too many days in a row of the first early shift! Oi with the poodles already.

Today, when work was a little slow, I entertained myself by making a picture form of what I want for Christmas. It's not terribly creative nor is anything drool worthy, to most.
The most coveted item on that list... the Pfaff 4.0 Quilt Expressions sewing machine *swoon.* That baby is AMAZING! I like to get my craftiness on. Knitting, sewing, drawing, piano, and singing are AMAZING creative outlets for my pent up nervous energy. VERY cathartic. Turns out, I LOVE being crafty and creative! Then there are replacements to the pearl earrings that were stolen this last summer *tear. The BodyBugg to help track ACTUAL calories burned, rather than my sorry excuse for an estimate... and then we have a bunch of gift cards: Ikea, Target, Costco, Disney, Michaels, and iTunes.

What's with people thinking gift cards are lame and impersonal? Personally, I appreciate the fact that someone lets me get what I want from Michaels or Target rather than GUESS. ThenI try to exchange it and come up with a reason why their gift given to me went missing...?

I've never been one to REALLY make a Birthday and Christmas Wishlist... but with this whole moving and situating myself in an unfurnished apartment, I am MORE than willing to hand over a list of "wants" to the parental units and the sisters!!!

Well, it's time for bed... yes it's 8pm. YAY for early wake-ups. Ugh.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lunch + Party Time

Today's lunch was DELICIOUS!!!

I enjoyed some Amy's Kitchen Chunky Tomato Bisque soup (260/can) with 1/2 a Sandwich Thin sprinkled with yummy garlic salt and a giant bottle of water!
Lunch calorie total = 310

Last night the internship program had a End of the Program Celebration and I did NOT want to go, but I felt somewhat obligated to go and receive my "ears." But I got over myself, got ready, hopped into a cute dress and oh look.... I look GOOD!

I went and danced, snagged a picture with Mickey Mouse... then left 30 min later! I came home, slipped into my PJs and watched Home Alone with my roommate, Kaitlin.

But hey... I got my ears! hahaha


Hope the title caught your attention hehehe

Turns out, Runner’s World is doing something called Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak.

The idea is to run AT LEAST 1 mile everyday between Thanksgiving and New Years. Since I only just heard about this, I’m starting my Holiday Streak tomorrow.

If you start with me on December 8th, and run 1 mile everyday between Dec 8 and New Years – that’ll be 25 Days of a blissful Holiday Streaking.

The idea behind the 1 mile/day Holiday Streak is to help ward off any Holiday weight gain and help keep you motivated to continue good habits through to the New Year.

Seems pretty ingenious to me! How many of us have gained a few extra pounds during the holidays and decide to continue the mass caloric holiday intake because you’ve “screwed up already” so what’s the point in still trying?

Join me in the Holiday Streak ! You can join ANYTIME!!!! Only 1 mile a day! WOO!!!!!

If you want to learn more about the Streaking event visit their blog and check out the FAQs here.

Day 10 Ex-Relationships

Day 10 : Things you want to say to an ex

“…. Hi? Congratulations on your marriage.”

I don’t know!? What do you say to an ex. As I’ve stated in a previous blog post… I am NOT skilled with relationships, so while I may be a communication pro – this part of the human experience continues to elude me.

Sorry I haven't given much in the last 2 challenges... I am not comfortable discussing relationship stuff.

Day 9 Kiss and Tell

Day 9 : Your Last Kiss…

Was July 4th 2010.

That was Easy.

Onto the next one…

Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 8 Worry Not

Day 8 Something you’re currently worrying about...

Moving, Money and Furniture..

I have never lived in an apartment that wasn’t furnished. That may sound crazy, but where I went to college it was pretty common that the apartments and rooms were furnished. I just needed to have the “stuff” to fill the spaces.

Moving into an unfurnished apartment is completely new territory for me! I don’t have ANYTHING as far as furniture! Dresser, bed frame, night stand, couches, kitchen table. Zilch.

Thankfully, LexiLu has the furniture needed for the living room (couches and such), so I only need to worry about my room and a kitchen table + chairs. That’s why I say I’m worried about moving and furniture and the $$$ required for the venture.

(This is the bedroom collection I'm obsessed with!! So simple and ADORABLE!!)

I’m thinking IKEA will be my go-to, choice. Building the stuff will be VERY entertaining. Camera crews should be standing by to capture the failure.

OH! And our mattresses that we ordered won’t arrive for 4-5 WEEKS. SERIOUSLY?! UGH. Well, we want out of our apartment ASAP, so we’re going to invest in air mattresses and just move on out. The air mattresses are a good investment anyway, if people visit or whatever.

I’m also worried about a semi-fallout with a friend of mine. Boo.

Oh well! There are plenty of WONDERFUL things happening in my life that are easing the worries and creating a lot of happiness! All-in-all … I am a happy girl!

Hard Battle

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle" - Plato

Please help end bullying and the spread of hate. Instead spread love and acceptance.

Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing someone ridiculed to the point of feeling completely hopeless. No one should ever be made to feel this way. We don't get to place a value on others and judge them. We get to invest time in others, love them, accept them, and let them know they are LOVED. We get to help others see that they are worth so much more. Please, take time and invest it in those around you.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle" - Plato.

New Digs Yo

I'm in the process of moving to Huntington Beach!!! YAY!!!!

LexiLu and I went over to our new apartment last night to do some deep cleaning. The apartment was "cleaned" before but we wanted to go over it again so that it's our standard/layer of clean... we ran out of paper towels at one point, so swiffering the counter seemed like a GREAT idea.
It's a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom, and it's just the two of us and it's a GREAT space and complex. We're 6-10 min from the beach, and about 20 min from work. We have access pools and hot tubs and it's AWESOME!
We're hoping to be moved in by Christmas. Our mattresses won't arrive for a few weeks, so we're probably going to be camping out on air mattresses! PARTY TIME!!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 7: Tom Welling

Day 7: The Person You Like and Why You Like Them

Big Announcement.... I like.... Tom Welling.

Okay that's probably not a surprise to anyone.

Why do I like him... let me count the ways...

Oh Tom, you're injured on your beautiful abs, I see... Can I replace the bandage and help you with the suntan lotion?

Biceps.... My GOSH. The Biceps.

..... hi.

This is my favorite post. EVER.

Christmas Time is HERE!!!

Christmas may not be my favorite holiday, but as far as Holiday movie options go… Christmas wins hands down! I LOVE Christmas movies!

Imagine my disappointment when I realized a week ago that I don’t have ANY Christmas movies!? They are all at home, with the family, because they are owned by the family and should remain at the family home because Christmas is a family-spent holiday! Well, this year, I won’t be home for the holiday because I’ve committed myself to work for Disney during the holiday rush… therefore NO Christmas movies to watch whilest I knit and wrap gifts! BLAST!!

I immediately started filling a shopping cart on Amazon when this epiphany struck! I informed mommy-dearest of this dilemma one evening, and being the sweetheart that she is, she hijacked my amazon account and ordered my Christmas Movie Wishlist! AAwwwwwwww!!!!! I think everyone is a little saddened that I won’t be home for the holiday, and they are worried that I’ll be alone, so by mentioning that Christmas movies are high on my Christmas Time priority list, she procured my films of choice and had them shipped! Again… AAAWWWWW!!!

I’m totally ok with missing this Christmas with the fam for the amazing internship opportunity, plus Christmas time at Disneyland starts in November, so I’ve been exposed to a lot of Christmasy-ness. I’ll survive this holiday season without a trip home. I don’t plan on making it a habit, though. HECK NO!

(Christmas tree in one of the rooms at home!!)

Nothing beats my dad’s Christmas lights on the house, the amazing tree, ADORABLE decorations around the house, my sisters fighting over which stocking holder REALLY belongs to them, and my mom’s Gingerbread House decorating nights. NOTHING! And don’t get me started on our Fondue dinner and making Christmas cookies and candies with my mom and sisters!

No, I don’t plan on missing many Holiday Seasons at home in the future, but now and then won’t kill me. I’m sure we could ALL agree… there’s no place like home for the Holidays. But I plan on doing it right on my own this year, and having A TON of Christmas movies is a good way to start!!!

I think I’ll enjoy Elf tonight while I knit!!!!

Random, I know, but Pfo is wearing a Santa hat and baby Will is too cute !

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 6 Borderline Exhibitionist

Day 6 : What do you wear to bed?

Rachel is probably laughing right now if she’s reading this, wondering how I’m going to answer.

The answer : it depends. Depends on if I’m alone in my room, or if I’m sharing a room with someone else.

Alone : Boxers and a sports bra. I HATE clothes when I’m sleeping (okay, I hate clothes in general), so I am a minimalist when I sleep.

Someone in the room : Boxers or PJ pants, + sports bra AND tshirt.

I currently share a room with Miss LexiLu, and out of respect for her, I wear clothes. Although, given our lezzilove she probably wouldn’t care hehehe (kidding peeps). We’re moving to a new 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment this month, so I will be able to return to my minimalist clothing behavior SOON!!!!

I very much look forward to being in my own room, again! Although, sharing with LexiLu has been just pure Disney magic hahaha

Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 5 Challenge - Then and NOW!

Day 5 : How have you changed in the last 2 years?

There are a few things that pop into my mind upon reading that question : weight, love and acceptance. And all of those kind of relate.

Almost 2 years ago to the day.

Taken a few months ago...

Weight : Two years ago... I was about 40 lbs heavier than I am now. It’s been a struggle to lose weight, always has been for me. But my dedication to it has fluctuated. Never at any point have a I GAINED any of the weight I’ve lost back. You know how people kind of yo-yo, like they lose weight then they give up and gain it back? Well that’s never happened. I am a PRO at MAINTAINING my weight. Whatever I lose, I work to keep off, then I go through periods of time where I double that effort and then I start to lose again. I never give up, I never gain it back, I’m just a little slow at losing it ALL! But as long it’s coming off, that’s all I care about. I have about 20 lbs MAYBE 30 lbs left to lose, but I won’t let it take another 2yrs. I’m in a good place in my life where things can continue to move forward… which leads into love and acceptance…

Just over 2 years ago.
Taken a couple months ago.

No, I haven’t found some great companion or anything. But I have found love! And that is LOVE and ACCEPTANCE for myself! Never have I EVER hated myself, nothing of the sort. But I have been too quick to hide, run and cover for myself when a threat was sensed. I know that sounds kind of confusing… Since I was little, I’ve always been pretty skilled at lying and covering for myself, masking the truth and putting the right face forward. I was always playing a certain character or conveying the right role. It seems that I’ve been hiding the truth of WHO I am as a way to protect myself? It was very confusing, especially when you’re trying to discover yourself, learn and grow! And it took awhile for me to realize what was happening and come to terms with it.

Well, I’ve stopped caring so much about what others think of me, and I’ve stopped concerning myself with what the right image is that I’m supposed to be portraying and I’ve become much more comfortable in my own skin. I’m being vague, on purpose. No need to hurt anyone’s feelings or anything. I will do what I need to in order to take care of myself and continue to be happy.

Why do you think I’m living in Southern California, taking risks I’ve never taken before, daring to dream, and believing that I can achieve those dreams. I’m at peace and I’m incredibly comfortable with who I am. I’m surrounding myself with people who are deserving of my friendship, and I’ve eliminated or lessened interactions with those aren’t.

Two years ago, I was happy and healthy. Today, I am the happiest and in the healthiest shape I have ever been in. It can only get better from here !

Oh and I have infinitely better hair now!!!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Breakfast & MIni AM Workout

As soon as I woke up this morning, I unrolled my yoga mat and did a mini morning workout just to get my body ready and going for the day. I love finding workout routines on Pinterest, and this one that I found is GREAT for first thing in the morning. I completed the following sequence twice in a row:

Mini AM Workout

50 Jumping Jacks
5 push-ups
20 sit-ups
20 mountain climbers
30 second plank
7 burpees

Today’s breakfast turned out especially delicious! I made my own version of a breakfast sandwich!

Heather’s Breakfast Sandwich

Calories : 282

2 Egg whites
1 slice Low-Fat Provolone Cheese
2 Whole-Wheat Waffles
2 T Salsa of choice for topping

Scramble (2) egg whites, then add 2T of salsa to the scrambled mix and top it with one slice of provolone cheese. Toast 2 Whole-Wheat Waffles while cheese melts. Sandwich the egg whites between 2 Whole-Wheat waffles. Consume and ENJOY with a GIANT mug of Chai tea!

I’ve gotten into a really good habit that I want to sell you all on… I eat ½ a grapefruit before EVERY meal. I have noticed good results with weightloss and how I feel after each meal. Grapefruits have GREAT vitamins in them, and they are a miracle fruit! I sprinkle some Truvia sweetener on my ½ grapefruit and usually enjoy it while I’m making my breakfast.

Day 4 NEW Challenge

Turns out I highly dislike the 30 Day Challenge I found online. I’m glad it’s gotten me back into the blogging spirit of things, though. I like the idea of a 30 day challenge, so I’m going to keep it up, but I found a new list that is more suitable to my personality. I mean, seriously, one of the days on my old list was: “a time you considered ending your life…” UM? NEVER?

Day 4 of NEW challenge : What Weird Things You Do When You’re Alone
(See, isn’t this better than discussing my views on drugs and suicide?!)

I am alone, MOST of the time. I like to be by myself. I don’t know if what I do is weird, or if the fact that most everything I do is done alone is the weird part? You can be the judge.

I work alone, on location. At work, I will organize my week into daily tasks, make my menu for the week, and plan my grocery store trip based on my meal plan. Many sites that I use at home, like Facebook and my Blogspot account, are actually BLOCKED at work, so I entertain myself with other things. I’ll surf the internet news stories, pin things on Pinterest for awhile, and I’ll work on entries in a Word document for future blog posts (*like now for instance).

When I’m home alone… I like to jump into Yoga pants IMMEDIATELY. I can most often be found in yoga pants, and a sweatshirt when I’m at home. I’ll knit, catch up on shows on Hulu, write in my journal, or read whatever book I’m onto at the time. Right now, I’m reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, which was recommended to me by my friends’ mother. I’ll write a review about it later. I’m still trying to figure out a way to read WHILE knitting, that would be awesome!! I guess audiobooks are an option… hmmm ponder.

Since I work for The Walt Disney Company, I have a pass that gets me into the park for free whenever I want to go. So I like to go alone. I actually really LOVE to go to the parks alone. I prefer it, in fact. Unless, I’m there with a close friend, members of my family, or my sisters. But other than those cases, I REALLY like to go alone. I wander around, go on Ariel’s Undersea Adventure 3-5 times in a row if I want to (most others would find that to be torturous), grab a tasty lunch (either soup in a bread bowl or pesto pasta!) and people watch. I guess that’s the weirdest thing I do alone… It does sound a little creeperish to go to Disneyland alone and people watch… maybe I should stop… NAH!!

I guess there are some other weird things I do when I’m alone … I LOVE to sing in my room. I will blast my “FaLaLaLa” playlist on my iPod (which contains songs from musicals, Glee, etc.) and belt it out if I know that no one is around to hear me! I also spend way too much time staring at myself in the mirror, tweezing my eyebrows, whitening my teeth, and wearing clay masks.

One time one of my roommates came home to find me knitting on the couch, watching a Law and Order: SVU Marathon on tv, with a green clay mask on my face. Britney Spears’ “I’m a Slave 4U” was blasting from the bathroom, too. Definitely, one of my classier moments.

Ya, so I guess I’m mild creeper status. I hope I don’t become more eccentric as I age… oh wait, that sounds AWESOME.