Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Day 3 : Your Views on Drugs and Alcohol

(If you can get through this... you'll find a buttermilk waffle recipe at the bottom!)

Well so far I don't like the 30 day challenge... sure it's been helpful in getting me back into the blogging feel of things, and I guess that's it's intent. So I'll answer the question then move on to FUN things....

Drugs - not a fan. Never would do them. Don't have an interest, AT ALL. Although, I approved of prescribed medications when used for appropriate medicinal purposes, and are used as directed/needed. I respect that others use drugs recreationally, that's your choice, I'm just not interested.

Alcohol - stickier subject. I know that I would be a social drinker, if I consumed alcohol. But I choose not to for my own personal reasons.

All in all - do what you want, I don't judge nor care. It's your life, your choice, and your body. This next statement applies in all aspects of my life : whatever you choose to do, is your choice, but if your choices start affecting me negatively, THEN we'll have a problem... otherwise, have at it!!

On to the fun stuff!


As we all know... I LOVE baking and cooking! I'll have to make a post about what LexiLu and I did for our version of "Thanksgiving," hehehe.... MOVING on!

I made waffles this morning! LexiLu has been requesting them recently and since December starts our Fat Ass Removal Month, today was the day she got her waffles just before Dec 1st.

I used my Disney Princess Waffle Iron and made these perfect beauties! LexiLu likes her waffles with butter, syrup, and powdered sugar. Our other roommate, Caroline, had NEVER had a waffle before. She's from Brazil and we call her our Alien. She tried one, and LOVED it! She divided her waffle into 4 sections and tried out different waffle topping ideas. She decided she likes syrup and strawberry jam the best!

I like my waffles with a light layer of extra chunky peanut butter and a layer of strawberry jam. I enjoyed my amazing waffle with a grande skinny hazelnut latte (130 calories only!). It was a perfect breakfast for my day off!


1 1/2 C all purpose flour
2t baking powder
3/4t baking soda
1/2t salt
2T sugar
3 eggs
1 1/2 C buttermilk
3/4 C butter, melted
1/2 C milk, if needed

Put flour into a mixing bowl & add baking powder, baking soda, salt & sugar. Stir with a fork to blend. In another mixing bowl, beat eggs until well blended (*I do use a hand mixer for this recipe, I haven't noticed a difference between an electric mixer vs mixing by hand... just don't over beat the batter, which is true in ANY recipe). Stir in the buttermilk & melted butter (*make sure the melted butter is cooled off a little. I usually melt the butter at the beginning, then let it sit off to the side until it's time to use it). Add flour mixture & stir until well mixed. If the batter seems too thick, add milk to thin it out. (*Batter should FLOW from spoon, NOT plop).

Whole-Wheat Variation : Replace 3/4C of all purpose flour with 3/4C whole wheat flour. Proceed through recipe as directed above!

Lasty - ENJOY!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Time for Hobbies

I LOVE having the time for hobbies!!! When I was in school, I always felt guilty when I would do anything crafty or artsy, or read books for fun, or anything like that. I was supposed to be focussed on school, ya know!??


Time to get crafty!!!! I LOVE knitting!!! It's so fun to work on a project, drink chai tea, and watch a movie! Great way to spend time!

I am currently working on a scarf for my roomie, LexiLu. I'm, also, starting on a pair of black mittens for myself this evening. I'll post more pix soon!

Ummm seriously 10 YEARS?

Day 2 of 30 Day Challenge...

"Where you'd like to be in 10 years"

10 years from now I will be 33... wow WEIRD?!?!?

In 10 years... WOW... I don't know what's going to happen 6 months from now. I love working for The Walt Disney Company. LOVE it! I cannot tell you how much I love working for this company. I can hope that something pans out with the company.

Ideally.... I become CEO hahaha

I love working, it's amazing how much I love it. I hated school, that's nothing new to anyone who knows me. I'm grateful to have the degree because it has helped me get this incredible job opportunity.... so I have no intention of returning for grad school, unless I find a degree that makes sense and is worth working toward... and someone else pays for it!

Being 33... I don't know if I'll be married? Or if I'll even want to be married or in a relationship. Who knows what will happen.

10 years is a little too far to look in the future for me! Let's hope that tomorrow's challenge will provide more to write about...

On a side note ...

I'm being a crafty crafty girl!!! I have been working on knitting projects. I finished a scarf last week, and I'm working on another for my roomie, LexiLu. I'm starting on a set of mittens tonight, for myself. I've never made mittens before, so the project should be interesting. I'll post pix as soon as I get going on the projects!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Back AGAIN, I See... DAY 1!!!!

Hey friends!!

I have been living a life of splendor in Anaheim, and I seem to have forgotten that I had created a blog that was meant to keep you all entertained since we all know how much everyone LOVES hearing about ME!

To get back in the groove of blogging... why is it that when I hear the word "blogging" I start singing "a blog a blog a blog a blog" to the tune of "a potter a potter a potter." ANYWAY... To get back into the groove of blogging I'm going to do some 30 Day Challenge thing.

Ready? Set? GO!

Day 1 - Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

I am single and extremely content! I don't date, at all. Ever. I basically suck at relationships and I don't have interest in the whole dating/relationship thing. Relationships are great and all, I'm sure.

I'm a walking contradiction, or so I have been told. I am a socialite who prefers loner status. Meaning: I CAN be social, I CAN be fun and outgoing.... but I prefer to be alone and to be left alone.

Example: A group of girls I work with met up for dinner and were insistent that I join them... huh OK. I went out, had a GREAT time with them and made some great friends/connections. The next night, they met up again and tried to insist I join them - because I'm just SSSOOOO FUN! This time, I did not join. Nope. Instead, I stayed at home, curled up with my favorite quilt, did some knitting and watched Love Actually. Guess which night was more fun? BOTH were equally fun, but I prefer the night I was alone and got to do my own thing and be alone. Like I said... I CAN be social. I just prefer to be a loner.

I don't want you to think that I'm someone who is lonely or something. I, genuinely, honestly and truthfully LOVE to be alone!

Disneyland -- ALONE and SMILES

My roommate, Lexi, is a very much like me. Which is why we get along so well. We respect the others' space and leave each other alone. We can also sit in the living room, eating pizza together and watching a movie without constantly chatting at each other. SO pleasant.

Some people get freaked out being home alone or they get lonely with no one to talk to or do things with. Not me, AT ALL! I have NEVER experienced a time where I felt "lonely" or something like that. Hell, I go to Disneyland by myself and I PREFER it that way. I have gone to movies and out to dinner by myself and never blinked at the idea that it was weird.

ALONE again -- See, I'm fierce

I was a junior in high school and I think the new Spider Man movie was in the $1.50 theater and I really wanted to see it... so I went. It was AWESOME! I know people who swear that they would NEVER see a movie by themselves or anything of the sort.

I think it comes from being overly independent, and a crippling desire to not want someone around all the time. This part of my personality is definitely a blessing, but it's also a curse... well I haven't found the down side, yet, but I'm sure it exists!

I get to do what I want, be where I want, and enjoy my life! I love my job, and I have a great time with my friends. Not that relationships are some sort of trap where you can't do what you want or anything... see what I mean by sucking at this? I just mean that I've never done well with someone checking in on me all the time, or taking me into consideration for their plans, or being expected to take someone else into consideration in my planning. Maybe, someday, I'll desire to have someone join me at the $1.50 movies or silently read next to me... but for now, I'm content and very happy to be on my own and left to my own devices.

I'm sure that someone exists who would compliment my personality and preferences, but that would require being social and going out to meet people... oh and heaven forbid *gulp* DATING. Gag. Nope, I will stick to my way of doing things!


OK... new theory as to why I'm alone all the time... I go to Disneyland WAY too much, by myself, and clearly, I repeat outfits. Shoot... Maybe it's time to re-evaluate
.... NAH!