Monday, June 13, 2011

On to Stage 6

On to the next one! (speaking of "On to the Next One" -- GREAT running song by Jay-z!) I did 6 days, last week, in stead of just the 4 and I'm happy I did! I am feeling very confident with Stage 5 and feel ready to move onto Stage 6. I started Stage 6 yesterday, which looks like this...

Stage 6
Walk 3 min. Run 7 min.
Repeat sequence 2 more times
End with 3 min. walk
I think Stage 6 is my favorite, thus far. It's more running and I'm surprised how well I'm doing... I keep thinking that one of these stage is going to stump me and I'll have to repeat it but nope. I am moving right along with the stages and it's going great! I am feeling, really and TRULY,
more confident with my running. It's interesting... I think I've had it in me all along to do what I'm
training to do but I think we let our minds have way too much control and convince us that we can't and that we need to stop.
So true, Jillian, so true. *side note: She terrifies me but I LOVE her at the same time! She can come kick my butt any day!*

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