Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Post Workout Lunchies!

Today's post-workout lunch was not only delicious, but colorful! I have been forced to upgrade my dinnerware when I make my salads because the wimpy little cereal size bowls just weren't able to contain the amount of lettuce I use nowadays. I've now moved on to using a small mixing bowl and it's working out much better for me!
Corn Relish, Mango Salsa, Shredded Chicken and Regular Salsa

Our family friends have a beautiful garden and they have shared their romaine lettuce abundance with us and I am very grateful for it. I nearly finished off a gallon size bag of lettuce myself, just for lunch. When it comes to the amount of lettuce I use, I really don't care. It's super filling and VERY yummy. I LOVE fresh produce. I enjoy going to Farmer's Markets and buying the delicious seasonal items they have to share. The area I'm moving to in California has a Farmer's Market in a nearby square every weekend... my goal is to step in grocery stores only to purchase meat and live off of fresh produce from the farmer's market and meat. It will be sssooo difficult (*note sarcasm here*). Hhhmmm.... now I want some berries. Bye!

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