Sunday, June 26, 2011

Holy Amazing Sandwich Batman!

I got home this afternoon from church, completely ravenous (8am breakfast... then 3 hours of church... no food till 1:20pm... not happy), so Rachel and I started in on making our lunchies immediately. I'm usually the type that as soon as I got home, I book it upstairs to kick off my heels and get into my yoga pants... I don't like being dressed up for long, but instead we went straight for the food.

We dove into the corn relish with multi-grain chips as an appetizer while we perused the fridge and cupboards. I decided I wanted to give the panini press a shot because the mother made AMAZING pesto this morning {Recipe coming soon}. I have found HEAVEN.
Chicken & Pesto Panini
This heavenly goodness was made using 100 calorie Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins! On one inside slice I smeared about a 1/2 T of garlic roasted hummus, and fresh pesto on the other. Then I added 2 oz of shredded chicken (I just drained the canned chicken from Costco), a giant slice of tomato, and 1 slice of low-fat Sargento provolone cheese. I then lightly LIGHTLY buttered the outside of the sandwich thin and popped it in the panini press for about 5-6 minutes (until golden brown and cheese melted)... Oh my gosh. So many AMAZING summery flavorful goodness. Best. Sandwich. EVER. And this beauty came in just below 300 calories!

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