Monday, June 27, 2011

Promises I Can't Seem to Keep

I know I've promised a few recipes and a meal planning post, still working on the correct presentation of the meal planning post, and I'll get those recipes up soon! Things around here have gotten a wee bit crazy...
I promise I'm not lying!!! I'll get the posts up!

My good friend, Tugaw (not his first name, but that's what we call him), is coming to visit this Saturday!!! YAY! I met him years ago in college, we were both in the "Greek System" and have been friends ever since. He'll stay for a week and I am working on a list of activities! He came out here two years ago, and I guess he returned home extremely sore and VERY tired... not exactly a vacation when visiting the Whipple Family. We're not the relaxing type... we're the "go-go-go" type. I guess we sort of beat him into the ground, but he REALLY enjoyed his time here, so we're doing it again!
We went as Derek Zoolander and Cruella DeVil one year for Halloween!
Well... except Derek isn't an Ambi-Turner and Tugaw is
clearly, turning left

Also, my sister (Pam), brother in law/her hubby (Nick), and baby ( Wil) are coming here because of a cool job offer here in the Eug. We're VERY excited to have them here. Pfo will return to the UT for a bit to finish out her job while Nick starts his new job here. We'll all be on baby Wil detail, woot woot! He's ADORABLE. Nick and baby will be chillin at the Whipple Home for the next couple months, it'll be a full house (DUDE ! I just got why "Full House" is called "full house!!")
I just love this little squish!!!

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