Saturday, June 25, 2011

Didn't Know I Had That In Me?!?!?!

Yesterday (Friday), I started out for my run and I had made a mental note that I was going to try something outside of Stage 7 since I'd already completed necessary 4 runs for the week. BTW, I totally OWNED this stage. Since, I felt like I had completely womped the stage, I decided to see just what I was capable of because I have, apparently, been under estimating myself.

I did a short warm-up, and started running. I did a slow enough pace so that I didn't freak myself out and get short of breath or anything. I ran for 30 min. straight. I could've kept going but I was so freaking shocked that I did intervals for the rest of the hour. 30 MIN STRAIGHT! For me, this is a WIN! I couldn't believe how easily I did it and how much I loved it! For many of you, this wouldn't seem like much. For someone like me, who has never been a runner... going from never running and always walking to running 30 minutes is a BIG DEAL.

I think we sometimes underestimate our abilities and what we're capable of doing. I'm sure it was in me all along to do this but I had to finish Stage 7 to really know it was in me to KEEP going. Before, I would mentally wig myself out and just crap out and give up. BOO! I don't know what mind games you play with yourself when you run, but I wasn't very optimistic about what I could do. Mean Girls says it the best....

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