My Posse

I wish I could say I had a "posse" but I think my friends would kill me if I ever referred to them as "my posse!" Anyway, these are the people that I will mention from time-to-time. They are the sanity to my crazy, the lights to my club, the sugar to my kool-aid... you get the idea, they're basically amazing. Since I'll be adding somewhat odd photos of them, I'll add one of myself so they feel better :D

Okay on to the posse... I mean besties!

Ruby (aka Chuby - pronounced Chew-B) and Rachel (aka lil sistah')

Jeff (aka Jeffy) - I have no embarrassing photos of Jeff... I need to work on this.

Christy (aka Scherbet) - We match! That's why we're friends!

-These are the amazing people that I would be nothing without-