Thursday, June 9, 2011

Delicious Dessert Idea

Who wants a delicious treat that is about 125 calories?!?! {Whole room jumps up and down screaming "me!" "me!"}

Okay the picture doesn't really do it justice... but rest assured! It is amazing! I like to call this "Banana Soft Serve!" The name needs work. It is truly, decadent! Okay! On to the recipe... it's pretty difficult, I mean seriously. Intense.

Banana Soft Serve
1 Banana, peeled
Store banana in zip loc bag
Freeze overnight
{I told you, hard stuff this is!}
Place in blender/food processor (whatever)
2 T cocoa powder (or do 1, whatevs)
Super hard stuff I know! So good though! It's banana chocolately goodness.

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