Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blast You Internet Gods!!!

Sorry I've been a lame blogger, 1. I'm still new to this, 2. I have LOTS to say with several posts in the works but just not sure how to really finish them and 3... it totally sucks when the internet is being flaky like the crap-tastic roommate you had in college.

"I'm NEVER late for our very important dates!" .right.

This week, I have moved onto Stage 7! What what!? It's my FAVORITE stage so far!

Stage 7
Walk 2 min. Run 8 min.
Repeat sequence 2 more times
End with 3 min. walk

I'm loving this stage because it's more straight running with only 120 seconds in between running segments. I' starting to actually feel like a runner! I did this stage yesterday, I love my Monday workouts because I {usually} try to take Sunday off (unless it's uber beautiful outside so therefore I MUST hike or something) so when I get to my Monday workouts I feel AMAZING. Safe to say, yesterday's workout was phenomenal.

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