Monday, March 5, 2012

Old, New, and Those Bastards

Okay.... to start off.... I love the office I work in but my gosh when Tuesday 1pm rolls around....

those bastards.

Are they trying to KILL me!? Donuts, Bagels AND Krispy Kreme!?! What you don't see pictured are also brownies that someone brought in. Why not just incapacitate me now?! Clearly this takes some serious will power to avoid. Some of you may not have a problem when it comes to bready yummies, and may be more the sugar or gummy treats types. For me... it's bread.

I was feeling munchie after seeing the baked goods, and ran downstairs to the cafe and grabbed a bag of Edamame!
Who doesn't love a pile of Edamame shrapnel?

I purchased a BodyBugg from the lovely Lauren because of the annoying plateau I hit and I wanted to track my caloric output more closely so that I could make sure I was creating the correct calorie deficit in order to lose weight.

I'm sexy, right?

The BodyBugg is worn on the back of the upper left arm (on the tricep... or what would be a tricep if I had one!) and I pair mine with the digital display so that I can see how many calories I have burned in the day, and how many steps I have taken so far in the day. My caloric output target per day is 2,400 calories, and my number of steps taken per day target is 10,000 steps .

Thus far, I am LOVING it! I will keep you all updated on it and do a review on it after about a month of use.

Someone in my office asked why I was wearing a BodyBugg, and they were shocked to learn that before they had met me and before I came to work in the office I had lost 40lbs. They didn't really believe me, so I decided to go searching through my old photo albums on my facebook... this is what I found as a good representation.

It's amazing to compare that with....

Still a work in progress but personally... I think there is a difference. Especially in my face and middle. It's shocking to see what I used to look like 40lbs ago, and that I felt "comfortable" at that weight. I can't imagine going back.

On a side note... I'm still training for my 1/2 marathon that is happening in September and I am VERY excited to knock that sucker out! What what!? The other day I realized a very important aspect of the 1/2 marathon that I hadn't thought about yet?!


I am sure most runners stick to their normal gear, as I will with my shoes... but come on... this is a very auspicious moment in my life and I need to SPARKLE. Literally. I have started to create a list on my phone with ideas on what I will wear. There needs to be BRIGHT colors, lots of glitter, sparkles, and craziness. Any and all ideas are welcome and appreciated.