Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Houdini Dogs and ChoTime

My roommates dog, Pooter, is freaking Houdini. I don't know how he does it, but he can open the cabinet where we store the garbage can and he gets aaaallll up in it. I have zip-tied that freaking cabinet closed and still, this happens!?

I mean, really?

This popped up on my Twitter yesterday and it could NOT be more true. I snapped a photo and just had to share it. There is seriously nothing more annoying to me than someone who won't take charge of their life and get after what they want. No excuses, you want it? WORK FOR IT!

On a YummyNote.... breakfast this morning was delightful and delicious! I'm obsessed with Chobani yogurt, no surprises there, and I love adding Nature Path's LoveCrunch on top. Try the Strawberry Chobani with a 1/4 cup LoveCrunch, you will die for the flavors! And of course, my trusty whole wheat english muffin on the side!

My ChoTime + LoveCrunch = HEAVEN! yyuuummmmmm

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