Monday, March 5, 2012

Palm Springs Again

I wanted to show y'all some pictures of our cute little exhibit we had for the convention. The convention we showcased at was for The California Association for the Gifted (CAG). We had the opportunity to promote our Disney Youth Programs and meet lots of principles, teachers, administrators, and parents.

We had some awesome giveaways : giant basket full of Disney stuff, a couple plushes, and a stack of amazing books!

So those are some pictures of our fun "booth." I had a great time answering questions and promoting our programs. It was a great experience and amazing learning opportunity. It was great to be able to take all the things I have learned about our various programs and be able to implement that knowledge!

Next to our booth were two French men, Xavier and Joseph. They were there for "Blue Orange," which is a game company. They gave us a sample of the game "Spot It" on day 1 of the convention. Norma and I kept playing it and loved it, so on day 2 we both bought it. It's REALLY fun! Definitely works the mind!

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