Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

This last weekend, I drove to St. George, UT for my best friend, Christy's, wedding. She was beautiful! I am incredibly proud of her and happy for her new adventures!

I had a series of personal "aaa-HA" moments this weekend. I fit into a size 10 bridesmaid dress. Never, in my life, have I been a size 10. Never. From the time I started wearing jeans normally as a teenager, I was a size 16, and for a brief moment at my heaviest weight, size 18. I couldn't believe the shape that is coming out from the hardwork, and I am loving the fact that I have CURVES.

When I put on the dress with 2 of the other bridesmaids, my friends, Kylee and Alexa, and the bride, Christy... I just stood there stunned. Staring at the body that was reflected in the mirror. I literally could not recognize the body and my friends were excited for me. Never have I gone to a wedding and been considered "potential wedding hook up material." Don't judge me, it's a common plot in movies for people to chat about who they'll chat up at a wedding and "such." Well, turns out, I was a candidate in that topic. Of course, I couldn't care less about any of the guys there, but still, pretty freaking awesome to watch guys check out the bootay.

Looks aren't everything, AT ALL. I am a firm believer in that, and I do not care about it. I'm only mentioning this fact, because it was the MOST foreign form of attention I have EVER received in my life. Never have I ever been a point of "check out" for men. So I am merely commenting on the fact. To be honest, the comments I received about my physical appearance was really overwhelming and not my favorite. I would much prefer to have someone comment with "you look like you're making positive healthy changes" rather than say "you're looking HOT." Sure, it's nice, but, for me, it's about being happy, healthy and whole.

But seriously... the curves?! Where did THAT come from!?

It's incredible how things can change!


  1. You are amazing! YOU LOOK SO HOT! seriously it's the best feeling fitting to a size after HARD work! You go girl!

  2. I want you to be my personal trainer. For real. And I have a bunch of questions about the beginning of your journey as I think I need to make some healthy changes of my own.

    1. Siovhan, gladly! Email me or text me. Let's do this!