Friday, March 30, 2012

Time to Play Catch Up

Ok... where to begin...

Personal Trainer Jimmy has turned me into a ravenous beast. It's not even funny. This last week he had me eat this GINORMOUS meal right before bed, the last few bites were so hard to consume. The next morning I was STARVING. He text me later asking "were you hungry when you woke up this morning?!?!?" He was way too excited about the fact that his methods of madness are working just as they should on me. But it's freaking me out that I'm [insert other word for ravenous here] RIGHT when I wake up and about every 2-3hrs on the dot. He's created a monster. A "cookie monster" as he once said, then quickly corrected himself. Smart man. No girl wants to be a "cookie monster." I much prefer gorgeous Goddess, thank you very much.

My breakfast of choice as of late has been whole wheat waffles with 1Tb all-natural peanut butter and sliced fruit of some sort on top. Very filling, and VERY tasty!

So speaking of hunger, last night after my training session (arms - OWIE!), I came home SUPER excited to see that I did remember to set out a chicken breast to thaw that morning. SCORE! 10 POINTS TO HEATHER! I made veggie chicken curry...

Basically, I smothered the chicken breast in cajun spice and curry powder, sliced a TON of veggies up, smothered them in spice and powder. Baked for 25 min and consumed 1/2. SUPER SPICY and AWESOME! I'm way too excited that I already have my Friday night dinner planned. Yay for loner status, y'all!

You will be mine tonight.... aallll mine!

I am currently reading 4 books at once. I'm totally geeking out these days! Runner's World Complete Book of Women's Running just arrived in the mail and I'm really excited to add it to my book list! I believe I shall enjoy the read this weekend while I'm laying out poolside today AND tomorrow afternoon. If it rains... so help me I will cut!

And two randoms:

1. My sister sent me this picture of my nephew and I died. DIED. I miss my baby squish SO much! I miss rubbing his little baby Buddha belly! AH!

2. WHAT color are my EYES?! The other day they were looking way more green than usual and they are freaking me out.... green hazel? What is THAT?!

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