Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Salads and Flats

Lunch today was exactly what I needed.... veggies, good fats, protein, and some carbs!

I made the salad this morning with a layer of grilled cubed chicken, crumbled feta cheese, craisins, 1 Tb of lite Lighthouse Creamy Ranch, 1/2 avocado - cubed, and a handful of fresh baby spinach leaves.

I mixed it all up at my desk and downed a couple glasses of cold water with it. Definitely left me feeling full and satisfied! YUM! The flavors were SO amazing! Craisins pair nicely with fresh avocado, btw!

I had a STUPID moment yesterday and left running shoes out of my gym bag, so I got to the gym, no shoes were to be found?! Luckily, Jimmy altered the rule and said "they're close toe, good enough for me." And I was able to still get in my workout!

Seriously though? Who forgets their NEON pink running shoes? Man, I'm off my game. This was the same outing where I lost one of my pearl earrings. I was just having an off day, apparently! Well, I made a point to GRAB my shoes, and triple checked. Now, let's just hope that I grabbed everything else I need and that I don't lose my earrings... or my mind today.

Flats = classy. Working out = classy.... Flats + Working out = NOT classy

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