Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What The....?!?

Ladies... this just goes to show that we can't look at a boy and discount him because we're going to feel extremely foolish when he turns into a total hottie 10 years later.

Case & Point
Matthew Lewis age 12

Matthew Lewis age 15

Matthew Lewis age 22.... Holy Hotness Batman!?

I would now like to say that I have always found you to be attractive Matthew Lewis. I'm sorry that I didn't write you fan letters when I was 13, I was freaked out by our age difference. I am a more mature woman now, and you are a Very hot much more mature man now. Age doesn't really matter anymore, and the fact that I'm 18 months older, really means nothing.


  1. This is insane. I just pulled up your blog at work to show everyone lol. He looks soooo different..."Break me off a piece of that!"


  2. I know right!?!??! Who gets THAT hot?! DANG!