Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Imma Cut You...

My right calf muscle is being a little twirp and it's causing me lots of ANGER. I've been doing GREAT with my running, and I will be officially starting half marathon training in 2 weeks... so WHY did my right calf muscle decide to start disobeying me?

I mean, come on! I'm trying to do good things for my body here, so it's obnoxious when the body tries to go against the greatness. Not. Happy.

It's doing this perpetual gnarly knot thing. I've had to stop and stretch it out during runs more than I'd like to and it gets tight and knotted again pretty quick. The other night I got a Charley Horse and everything as well. Boo.

I've been hydrating like a mad woman, I take my multi-vitamin, I'm really good about stretching and eating correctly. It could... POSSIBLY, have something to do with a 4-wheeling accident I got in 3 years ago. The 4-wheeler rolled on me and a friend, and the back emergency bar or whatever it is, smashed the back of my legs with all it's weight. Apparently, I should have had two broken legs, but I have SUPER intense (and weird) calf muscles (the only muscle in my body that's overly defined) and I guess the muscles protected the bone, or SOMETHING. Whatever, glad they didn't break but I had to deal with "traumatized" calf muscles for about a month. Not a pleasant experience. It was like a perpetual Charley Horse.

Any suggestions on what to do with this freaking problemo? ANY and ALL tips, suggestions, advice, help would be gladly welcomed. It's really bugging me and I don't want it to affect my progress.


  1. Hi, I just saw you comment on HungryRunnerGirl about your calf problem and thought I'd offer you my 2 cents. I had been having a very similar problem off and on for 6 months (even had to drop out 2 weeks before a marathon because of a severe calf pain that I thought was a torn muscle). Long story short, a therapist suggested I might be magnesium deficient. He recommended bumping up to 1,000-1,250mg/day (the bathroom will tell you if you have taken too much if you know what I mean!). Within 4 days NO MORE calf cramping AT ALL. I'm not a doctor, but this worked for me. Hope you get better soon! if you have any questions.

  2. THANK YOU!!!!! That is GREAT!