Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Five

Friday Five

Welcome to Friday Five where I share 5 randoms about ME!

1. I am a sucker for loose/lost dogs. If I see a dog wandering neighborhoods
or streets. I MUST stop, pull over and return them to their homes.

2. I have an extreme phobia of pregnancy. Like exposed pregnant
bellies have, literally, made me throw up. I am NOT even kidding.
It just freaks me out. I know that it's supposed to be a miracle of
life, but it just terrifies me. Take your fear of spiders, snakes, public
speaking... and that's the equivalent for me. Don't ask me what will
happen when I get pregnant someday... I just hope that the baby-daddy
is the MOST patient man in the world and that he's prepared to deal
with me HATING myself for 9 months.
I'd like to vom now.... AAAHHHHH! Just isn't right!!!

3. I LOVED beanie babies. I was convinced that I had some super rare
bear and that if I got all the limited edition bears, then I would be able to
sell them and pay for college or something. My family still mocks me to this day
but I don't care, they are SO cute! I'll hold onto them and let the babies play
with them one day.

4. I perpetually crave Dough Co. It's this AMAZING local foodie delight
with sensational calzones. To. Die. For. I am boring and get the Cheese Zone
but I LOVE it. I have to limit myself to getting it once a month or else I could
do some VERY serious damage. I could eat Dough Co. every single day and
it would NEVER get old.

5. The other tattoo I would like to get is of a crescent moon with a star on
the underside of my left wrist in white ink. I don't want it to be big, I'd
like it to be small, simple, and easy to hid under a watch band if needed.
So that symbol in white ink on my wrist

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  1. I have a white tattoo on the inside of my left wrist. It says "Faith" and I love it!