Saturday, July 23, 2011

Long Run Saturday

Good morning all!!!!

This morning I enjoyed 1/2 a double fiber english muffin with (1) scrambled egg w/ cheese. SO delicious! While I made my scrambled egg, I gnawed on grapes and gouda cheese. I love love love fruit w/ delish cheese, if you were to add a hard bread roll or french bread baguette, I'd be done for. Perfection!

Yesterday's workout was awesome! My iPod died near the end of it {totally throwing off my groove}, I need to remember to charge that thing every now and again... oops. ANYWAY... the workout was...
Warm up 1 mile
Hard run 1/2 mile
Easy run 1/2 mile
Hard run 1/2 mile
Cool down 1/2 to 1 mile

Amazing calorie torcher! It felt so good! Today's workout is quite simple.... run 4 miles. Easily stated.... we shall see how it goes in, actual, execution!

My family, family friends, and I are leaving for Lake Shasta tomorrow morning to play it up on a house boat for a week. SWEET! It's one of my favorite family getaways, BUT I need tips on how to keep up my cardio/workouts when I'm beached on some random cove and confined to a "box" for a living arrangement with 3 other families. Close quarters, people. ack! ANYWAY.... I figure I'll do TONS of swimming and just be constantly moving but it's going to be weird not running everyday?

Any vacation tips? Workout ideas? Please share!

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