Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Hope the title caught your attention hehehe

Turns out, Runner’s World is doing something called Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak.

The idea is to run AT LEAST 1 mile everyday between Thanksgiving and New Years. Since I only just heard about this, I’m starting my Holiday Streak tomorrow.

If you start with me on December 8th, and run 1 mile everyday between Dec 8 and New Years – that’ll be 25 Days of a blissful Holiday Streaking.

The idea behind the 1 mile/day Holiday Streak is to help ward off any Holiday weight gain and help keep you motivated to continue good habits through to the New Year.

Seems pretty ingenious to me! How many of us have gained a few extra pounds during the holidays and decide to continue the mass caloric holiday intake because you’ve “screwed up already” so what’s the point in still trying?

Join me in the Holiday Streak ! You can join ANYTIME!!!! Only 1 mile a day! WOO!!!!!

If you want to learn more about the Streaking event visit their blog and check out the FAQs here.

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