Saturday, December 10, 2011

Birthday & Christmas Wishlist

I've been MIA the last couple days. My bad. It's what happens when I have too many days in a row of the first early shift! Oi with the poodles already.

Today, when work was a little slow, I entertained myself by making a picture form of what I want for Christmas. It's not terribly creative nor is anything drool worthy, to most.
The most coveted item on that list... the Pfaff 4.0 Quilt Expressions sewing machine *swoon.* That baby is AMAZING! I like to get my craftiness on. Knitting, sewing, drawing, piano, and singing are AMAZING creative outlets for my pent up nervous energy. VERY cathartic. Turns out, I LOVE being crafty and creative! Then there are replacements to the pearl earrings that were stolen this last summer *tear. The BodyBugg to help track ACTUAL calories burned, rather than my sorry excuse for an estimate... and then we have a bunch of gift cards: Ikea, Target, Costco, Disney, Michaels, and iTunes.

What's with people thinking gift cards are lame and impersonal? Personally, I appreciate the fact that someone lets me get what I want from Michaels or Target rather than GUESS. ThenI try to exchange it and come up with a reason why their gift given to me went missing...?

I've never been one to REALLY make a Birthday and Christmas Wishlist... but with this whole moving and situating myself in an unfurnished apartment, I am MORE than willing to hand over a list of "wants" to the parental units and the sisters!!!

Well, it's time for bed... yes it's 8pm. YAY for early wake-ups. Ugh.


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