Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 8 Worry Not

Day 8 Something you’re currently worrying about...

Moving, Money and Furniture..

I have never lived in an apartment that wasn’t furnished. That may sound crazy, but where I went to college it was pretty common that the apartments and rooms were furnished. I just needed to have the “stuff” to fill the spaces.

Moving into an unfurnished apartment is completely new territory for me! I don’t have ANYTHING as far as furniture! Dresser, bed frame, night stand, couches, kitchen table. Zilch.

Thankfully, LexiLu has the furniture needed for the living room (couches and such), so I only need to worry about my room and a kitchen table + chairs. That’s why I say I’m worried about moving and furniture and the $$$ required for the venture.

(This is the bedroom collection I'm obsessed with!! So simple and ADORABLE!!)

I’m thinking IKEA will be my go-to, choice. Building the stuff will be VERY entertaining. Camera crews should be standing by to capture the failure.

OH! And our mattresses that we ordered won’t arrive for 4-5 WEEKS. SERIOUSLY?! UGH. Well, we want out of our apartment ASAP, so we’re going to invest in air mattresses and just move on out. The air mattresses are a good investment anyway, if people visit or whatever.

I’m also worried about a semi-fallout with a friend of mine. Boo.

Oh well! There are plenty of WONDERFUL things happening in my life that are easing the worries and creating a lot of happiness! All-in-all … I am a happy girl!

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