Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 6 Borderline Exhibitionist

Day 6 : What do you wear to bed?

Rachel is probably laughing right now if she’s reading this, wondering how I’m going to answer.

The answer : it depends. Depends on if I’m alone in my room, or if I’m sharing a room with someone else.

Alone : Boxers and a sports bra. I HATE clothes when I’m sleeping (okay, I hate clothes in general), so I am a minimalist when I sleep.

Someone in the room : Boxers or PJ pants, + sports bra AND tshirt.

I currently share a room with Miss LexiLu, and out of respect for her, I wear clothes. Although, given our lezzilove she probably wouldn’t care hehehe (kidding peeps). We’re moving to a new 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment this month, so I will be able to return to my minimalist clothing behavior SOON!!!!

I very much look forward to being in my own room, again! Although, sharing with LexiLu has been just pure Disney magic hahaha

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