Monday, December 19, 2011


I'm posting this from my phone so forgive its potentially archaic design....

Today, I took the largest chunk of my belongings to the new apartment where Jeffrey met up with me.

Hims is the bestest best friend and he built my giant Ikea dresser. As LexiLu stated "a friend who will build you Ikea furniture is a freaking SAINT!" too true LexiLu, too true.

While he built the beast of a dresser, I tackled the tv stand for the living room and my nightstand. Woo woo!! I made sure to set up the DVD player first so we could enjoy Home Alone, the original 1966 Grinch, and Chocolat while we got our handymannes on.

Great teamwork really really!!

Tomorrow, I'll head over to the Apt bright and early to meet up with some {hopefully attractive} delivery men who are bringing our new mattresses!!

Then we shall take on the final move in of shiz and organize everything!! We hope to be settled by my birthday ( the 22nd!!)


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