Sunday, December 11, 2011

30 Day Challenge- OVER IT

Ok, the purpose of the 30 Day Challenge was to get me back into the rhythm of blogging... and I think it's served it's purpose.

Oh and I hate the rest of the challenges. It's getting to relationship-ish, dating like, and loving stuff. Those who know me well, know those aren't good subjects to discuss. For those that don't know me well... don't bother asking! As you can see, there's nothing to divulge.

Moving SUCKS! When you're going from one state to another, it's almost easier! When it's from one apartment to another... all of a sudden it becomes a little by little move. Oh and this whole buying furniture thing. AAAHHH!!!

What I want for my birthday - I would like for all of my stuff, including mattress that isn't due to arrive for a few weeks, and furniture that has yet to be purchased to magically appear in my apartment. Now. I don't setting it up and organizing it from there. I just don't want to move it.

This is a birthday wish I send out to the Cosmos. Grant my wish Universe! Make me a happy 24 year old.

24... wow. Bed time. Yes, its not even 7:30pm.
Heather Whipple. 23 going on 90. Bring it.

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