Saturday, February 11, 2012


I saw an advertisement for a week free trial of Hulu Plus while I was looking through ALL the Modern Family episodes I've missed. We're talking 6 episodes behind, people! Well most of those were Hulu Plus blocked, so I decided to give the trial a shot.

HOLY CRAP! I LLllooovveeee it! I am currently surfing the web and pinning on pinterest whilest watching Modern Family on my iPhone! I have been freaking out about the idea of being able to watching shows on my phone while I'm at the gym! YYYEEESSS!!!!! My ADHD is very pleased !

I am definitely saving for the new iPad 3 when it's unveiled in March [hopefully], or whatever tablet type product is best on the market at the time! iPhone RULES but an iPad would def be more awesome at the gym; books, movies, tv shows, magazines, etc! Bigger screen = better life!

Hulu Plus, I think I love you! Now off to subscribe for NetFlix. MOVIES at the gym! YAYERS!

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