Sunday, February 5, 2012


Tomorrow I begin the 4th week of my new job! I LOVE my job!

I work as an intern for the Disneyland Resort Youth Programs Department. They are the peeps who put on Grad Nite, Disney Performing Arts, Youth Education Series, and host various youth groups in the parks. I will be working with local groups of the youth the most.

Basically, I search out and hunt down groups of "youth" between the ages of 3 and 22 years old. As long as there are at least 10 "youth" and 1 adult chaperone, I can get them a decent ticket deal into the park for their "youth group." Whether it's a church youth group, a 3rd grade class of students, a field trip of middle schoolers, a initiation group for a sorority, or a grandmother with 10 grandkids. Whatevs. Hear about any "youth groups" who want to go into the parks, hit me up and I can work out a deal for them!

On my first day of work, I walked into my new office space to find office supplies and mickey mouse shaped confetti EVERYWHERE.

I keep finding pieces of confetti now and then. I'll never be rid of it!

Now I finally have a place where I can proudly display those Disney items that I've been hiding in my closet... a giant Little Mermaid snowglobe, an Alice in Wonderland teapot, Disney picture frames, and my 1st pair of ears that I just "earned" through the Disney College Program. What what!?

I'm CONSTANTLY hydrating at work and of course, I have the cutest way to accomplish it... totally DISNEY style! I am always making trips to the "pantry" to refill my Ariel tumbler with water, and my princess mug with tea! BUT on Tuesdays after 1pm, I have to have my GAME FACE ON! Why? You may ask... Because of this....

Bastards. One of the printing companies my office floor uses faithfully "honors" our loyalty by bringing 4 boxes of donuts, bagels, and various delicious schmears. For those who know me know that I have an INSANE weakness for bread. It's my kryptonite. It takes EVERYTHING in me to avoid those boxes and the aroma of the baked donut dough is enough to bring the elephant within me to my knees.

I will be doing sales calls all over Southern California, and I have decided that I will "conveniently" be out of the office EVERY Tuesday. Self preservation at its finest!


  1. That looks amazing. I want all of the donuts in the whole world right now. Especially the old fashioned glazed ones. Yes.

  2. I KNOW RIGHT!? Can't eat them or it starts a frenzy!