Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vacation Living

We have returned from Lake Shasta and it was a grand ol' time! We went with a couple other families and shared a houseboat for a week. I still feel like I'm rocking on water and haven't quite gotten used to being on land again.

Our cute group! (yes, this whole group shared 1 houseboat!)

It was AMAZING to be on the water for a week! I kept up my workouts by swimming across the cove and back to the houseboat, then doing 50 squats, and repeating that several times, then ending with planks or some kind of variation of that workout. Basically... LOTS of swimming! It was AMAZING!

It's always hard on vacations because of the mindset you have going into it... "I'm on vacation, so I'm going to eat, relax, and not think about it." Many people have the luxury of doing that, I can't afford that mindset. I've worked so hard to lose weight, and I'm not going to let one week of Costco muffins and chocolate chip cookies containing 6 sticks of butter undo everything I've worked for.

I practiced self control, and I was able to find a healthy variation to almost everything we consumed. For breakfast, we ate sliced apples with almond butter... we went through a tub of almond butter in 3 days (we brought 2, no worries!) and 20 apples in 7 days, pretty impressive! For lunch, we did turkey sandwiches on Sandwich Thins with LOTS of fruit. When it came time for dinner, we were somewhat at the mercy of whichever family was in charge of dinner that night. Some form of protein was usually involved, so that was the majority of our meal with LOTS of whatever fresh fruits and veggies were offered.

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