Friday, August 19, 2011

NBD... it's just Disney...

OH WAIT!? I LOVE DISNEY! I start work for The Happiest Place on Earth on Sunday! I moved into Disney Housing on Wednesday the 17th... thus me off the radar for SO LONG! I have 4 beautiful roommates; Lexi, Tiffany, Kimberly, and Kaitlen.

These are two of my roomies, Tiffany and Lexi!

Lexi and I went shopping and we checked out this sweet grocery cart from the College Program office... we're SO cool!

Aren't we just CUTE? Attending Disney orientations and meetings with the roomies! We got to take a backstage tour of the Disneyland park one day, it was pretty awesome to see Goofy wandering around without his head on. Pluto was in full character and being cutesy. When I received my Walt Disney Company ID and nametag (pix coming soon) I got to hug Mickey Mouse... I have never gotten to hug Mickey! It was an AMAZING moment :D

View of Disney's California Adventure and World of Color from a private viewing terrace of the Grand California Spa and Resort. We made friends with Cast Members in the GCS&R and we got to watch WoC from the private terrace. Pretty freaking amazing to have access to opportunities like this!

I love my job!

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