Sunday, August 21, 2011

A First Timer?!

Welcome to MY happiest place on earth.....

I took a trip to Disneyland last night with one of my roommates. The lovely, Kaitlen. Turns out... she's NEVER been to Disneyland and being hired here is her FIRST time!? WHAT?! When I found this out, I volunteered to show her around one evening and help her get a lay of the amazing land.
I had to fully document her first night at Disneyland! I was honored to play Tour Guide Barbie for her !

My FAVORITE time of day at Disneyland is when the twinkle trees turn on, the castle is all lit up and pinky, and the lanterns at the Mad Hatter Tea Party are glowing. It's just magical and breathtakingly beautiful. I tear up every time I even try to explain it to someone. It's just a time of night you have to see for yourself.

I have always been a dork at Disneyland, in years past, if I ever saw a group where one member of the group was taking a pic, I would always step forward to offer to take a pic of all of them. Who would have known that my dork moments of wanting to help people capture memories of Disneyland would actually become my job! I LOVE helping people at Disneyland and I LOVE hearing about people's favorite Disney Magic Moments. It warms my heart and makes me tear up... just a little! I can't wait to start helping make dreams come true for all the Princesses and Princes that come to this happy land.

Have a Magical Day!

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