Monday, January 9, 2012

Dance to my Soul

While I've been home I've been working on maintaining my weight while still enjoying some amazing Eugene foodies and home made delectables!

In order to maintain my weight while eating more than I usually do, I have had to increase my caloric output! LOTS of walking and moving around.

My brother-in-law won a Wii at his works' Christmas Party so Rachel and I convinced the family to purchase Just Dance.

Naturally the sisters had to get all 80's'd out for our Just Dance - dance off.

SO much fun, hilarious and a great workout! Rachel and I have been playing it the last few days on the "continuous shuffle" option so that there is only a brief break between songs.

According to my iPhone app "Lose It" Aerobic Dancing burns about 500 calories for 1hr. So Party on!

Funny way to get in a workout while having a lot of fun!

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